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Roger Clarke's 'PIAs - Past, Present & Future'

The Search for Balance:
The Past, Present and Future
of Privacy Impact Assessments

Roger Clarke

Principal, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra

Visiting Professor, Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre, University of N.S.W.

Visiting Professor, E-Commerce Programme, University of Hong Kong

Visiting Fellow, Department of Computer Science, Australian National University

Abstract and Slides for a Presentation at Queens University, Kingston ON, on 9 June 2004

Version of 16 May 2004

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Applications of privacy-invasive technologies (the PITs) abound. Yet Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) are becoming mainstreamed and engrained. This presentation commences by searching out the origins of PIAs in technology assessment and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).

An outline is then provided of the nature, objectives, and process of PIAs. Attention is drawn to the need for multiple perspectives, for the participation of the people affected by the proposal, and for consultative processes involving representatives of those people and advocates for their interests. Drawing on the last decade's experiences, key features are identified that make or break a PIA process.

The motivations for conducting a PIA are then examined. It is shown that the gains are not all on one side. There are good reasons for business enterprises and government agencies to apply the technique.

Finally, attention is drawn to some limitations of PIAs, with a view to stimulating discussion on whether and how constraints can be imposed on the many PITs that currently confront society.


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