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Roger Clarke's 'Identity Mythologies - 2006'

Avoid the Mythologies of Identity Control
and Rediscover a Sense of Balance and Proportion

Roger Clarke **

Version of 6 March 2006

Prepared for an invited presentation at Identity Management 2006, 7-8 March 2006, Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

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Since 12 September 2001, we've been living in a doubly-troubled era. The discovery that terrorists were capable of more dramatic attacks than we'd all expected was a rude shock. But the much greater threat to free societies has been the ensuing, unprecedented assault on personal liberties. For several years now, authoritarianism has had the upper hand, and has been as extreme in its own way as the intolerant ethos of the religious fundamentalists.

A whole flotilla of myths has been perpetrated by national security agencies, and sponsored by governments. Over-excited vendors are pushing half-baked technologies. Fortunately for civilisation, most of them are ineffective. To the extent that these technologies work as claimed, they are far more dangerous to our society than the ills of organised crime and terrorism.

This presentation takes a new look at the nature of identities and entities, of identifiers and of identification. It debunks the myths that undermine conventional notions of identity management. It presents the realities of biometrics as an antidote to the zeal of the suppliers. And it throws into stark relief the lies that are being said about the ability of such technologies to find terrorists.

There is a real world of identity management, authentication and authorisation. It recognises the limitations of technologies. It applies risk assessment and risk management techniques. It embodies appreciation of public policy issues, and it understands that there is a fundamental need for public acceptability.

Control of public and private life by the State and large corporations is a recipe for stagnation, not just socially, artistically and politically, but also economically. The authoritarian technologies and schemes that are being presented at this event as if they represented progress, and their proponents, must be given a very cold shower, to wake them up to the realities of democratic society.


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Additional papers on identity and authentication topics are indexed here

Background to the Presenter

Roger Clarke is Principal of Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra. His primary expertise is in strategic and policy aspects of eBusiness, information infrastructure, and dataveillance and privacy.

He has spent 35 years in the I.T. industry, in Sydney, London, Zürich and Canberra, as professional, manager, academic, consultant and company Director and Chair. He holds Honours, Masters and doctoral degrees in Information Systems.

He spent 1984-95 as a senior academic, and he continues as a Visiting Professor in three universities:

Fuller biodata is here.

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