Roger Clarke's Family Web-Site

This site contains information and documents about the forebears of Roger Anthony Clarke b. 5 Oct 1949, and Carole Judith Waters (nee Clarke) b. 1 Jan 1955.

Carole and Roger

Here is what I call Carole's and my FamilyWeb - which identifies our ancestors up to the 16 great-great-grandparents. Details about the ancestors in some of these lines are provided below. A bit more about us is at the end of this page.

Our Father - Edward Anthony (Tony) Clarke (1919-2010)

Tony merits his own web-page (link above), but here are some tidbits:

Our Grandfather on Tony's Side

Our Great-Grandfather on Tony's Side

Our Grandmother on Tony's Side

Our Mother - Irene Gladys Whiteman/Clarke (1926-2004)

A Little About Tony and Rene's Descendants

  1. Roger Clarke, b. 5 October 1949
    m. Linda Spinaze (b. 30 August 1952) on 15 January 1977
    1. Kasia Siobhan Clarke, b. 6 November 1980
      m. Brendan BAIL, 19 March 2005 – with lots of Wedding photos
      1. Troy Anthony Bail, 14 April 2009
      2. Misha Lee Bail, 6 March 2013
    2. Russell Anthony (Whiteman Spinaze) Clarke, b. 26 May 1983
      m. Karen Hopper, 31 January 2014 – with lots of Wedding photos
      1. Darius Aksel Clarke, 21 December 2017
      2. Xavier Wulfric Clarke, 5 November 2020
  2. Carole Judith Clarke, b. 1 January 1955
    m. Peter Waters (b. 18 April 1953) on 6 May 1989
    1. Owen Charles Waters, b. 18 July 1990
    2. Lachlan Michael Waters, b. 19 March 1992


Some of the information on the site results from my own research. A lot of it of course comes from research undertaken by other people, in particular:

Most of the analysis and text is my responsibility alone. Given the scale of the effort involved, it inevitably contains lots of errors. Please advise me of any errors that are problematical and need to be fixed!! And please feel free to provide additional information about the clan.

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