Digital Property Rights vs. Human Rights:
Desperate Publishing Houses Are Demanding A New Dark Ages

Roger Clarke

Principal, Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd, Canberra

Visiting Fellow, Department of Computer Science, Australian National University

Invited Presentation to the A.C.S. (S.A.) Conference on Ubiquitous Computing: Trends, Tricks And Traps, Adelaide, 31 October - 1 November 2002

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Corporations that publish music, text and images are in denial. Threatened by the information-liberating power of the digital era, they are trying to turn technology to their advantage, by locking up content, demanding the identifiers of people who access content, and intruding into those people's personal devices. Canute-like, they are demanding that governments grant them even more legal rights and powers, and spend taxpayers' money enforcing those new laws.

This presentation examines the implications of weak-kneed governments (like those in the US and Australia) continuing to do what the powerful publishers tell them to do.


This presentation is based on the speaker's key papers on this topic, which are:

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Some Other Recent Papers

Stallman R. (2002) 'Can You Trust Your Computer?', Newsforge, Monday October 21, 2002, at

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