The Internet

The electronic world out there is big, wide, wonderful - and confusing. Net documentation is dynamic, but when I find something useful I throw it in here in the hope that I'll be able to find it again.

Beginner's: start here! But if you're experienced, dive right in!!

Quality on the Net

Services Available Over the Internet

Behaviour on the Net

A great deal of what goes on on the Internet is highly valuable activity; but some behaviour is unpleasant, even downright nasty, and hence dysfunctional. Here's a presentation on what I call 'netethiquette', including a set of mini case studies of dysfunctional behaviour on the net.

The Internet Itself

Here's some text which provides some basic background on what the Internet is and (in vague, business-level terms only!) how it works:

Here are some additional useful guidelines:

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