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This document was prepared as a collation of resources, and a basis for a future paper

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I've written a series of papers on identification, anonymity and pseudonymity, catalogued below. Of these, the most accessible introductory work is probably Clarke (1996). The most comprehensive and authoritative thing I've done so far is Clarke (1999).

Historically, technologies of data processing and information-handling have been designed primarily to assist in surveillance of the individual's digital persona, and hence are reasonably described as Privacy-Invasive Technologies (the PITs). This line of argument has been developed in a series of articles since the foundation piece in CACM in 1988, most recently at Clarke (1999c).

Recently, I've been studying:

This document brings together resources relating to PETs and PSTs, and is intended both as a reference-page, and as the basis for another paper sometime soon.

[Note: the term PET has been around since at least the mid-1990s. Ann Cavoukian in Toronto, Peter Hustinx in Amsterdam, and/or Marc Rotenberg in Washington DC, are likely to know who originated it. As far as I'm aware, I originated the neologisms PITs and PSTs in late 1998. Like some of my other neologisms over the years, they may or may not catch on. But the pleasantly academic question of memes is a side-issue; what's important is that the concepts that they describe come into the mainstream, and get discussed.]


This list includes only those papers that deal expressly with the topic. For complete lists of my papers, see my Dataveillance Home-Page,and my Annotated Bibliography.

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